Glenview Schools Lockdown Technology Fast-tracked by Associated Electrical Contractors

September 21, 2017




(Woodstock, IL) — In time for the first day of school, Associated Electrical Contractors, LLC completed the Glenview Elementary School District 34 Lockdown Technology project which was started in April 2017. Managing member of AEC, Susan Kirby reported that the $2.2 million project was led by Associated Electrical in collaboration with IHC Construction of Elgin.

“Basically, the technology locks down the school at a touch of a button, it immediately texts every Glenview Police Officer the location of the school, and automatically monitors the building while in lockdown.”

The project was started in April and work was performed nights and during Spring Break. Once school ended for the summer, the activity level increased to finish the job for the new school year. The school’s main office has a red button that, when pressed, achieves an impressive number of protective actions within one second:

  • Trips the alarm within the school
  • Locks down the school to prevent entrance and exit
  • Notifies every Glenview Police Officer of the lockdown location via text
  • Monitors via microphone LIVE audio which is transmitted to the Police Department.

“This technology deployment makes me sad (because it is needed) while it also makes me very proud,” said Susan Kirby. “Our team worked in collaboration with IHC Construction and the Glenview Police Department to create a safer environment for everyone in the Glenview Elementary School District 34.”

According to District 34, this new technology will result in new procedures to enhance safety for all.

When visiting a District 34 building, front office staff will need to correctly identify visitors through a security camera and confirm the reason for the visit. As in the past, each visitor will run through the Raptor System prior to entering the school.

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