Tessler Construction

Associated Electrical Contractors, LLC recently completed a project with Tessler Construction Company to remodel an existing 400,000-square-foot facility in Bartlett for Creative Werks, one of the leading co-packing companies in Illinois that serves heavy hitters in the food industry like Nestle and Hershey.

This particular project required an extensive amount of knowledge and electrical design to add an additional 2,500-amp electrical service to the facility. Other major modifications to the facility were made as well. Creative Werks put tremendous pressure on our company to complete the project in a short timeframe and within budget. Associated Electrical Contractors took on the challenge and exceeded our expectations and our customer’s expectations with their professionalism, knowledge and skilled tradesmen. The project was completed within budget and within our customer’s schedule. Associated Electrical Contractors was a major reason the project was a success!

Ronald TesslerPresidentTessler Construction Company, Inc., Bull Valley, IL