Thank you for the professional services rendered during our facility fire pump install project. Our fire protection capabilities were in a compromised state, thus your timely response to our needs was greatly appreciated. Working with our utility service provider and fire protection vendor, the needed power supply source was engineered and installed with precision and thoroughness. To this date, our fire protection system has worked as designed. This has been met with positive acknowledgement from our facility management and risk insurer. Thank you again, and we look forward to working with Associated Electrical Contractors in the future.

Rick JuarezSecurity ManagerFederal Signal CorporationUniversity Park, IL

It has been my great pleasure and privilege to have worked with Associated Electrical Contractors. AEC’s team has shown to be organized, meticulous and knowledgeable with strong communication skills. Additionally, they possesses strong management skills and an innate understanding of the dynamic relationship between design and construction. AEC’s ability to anticipate and avoid problems appears to be instinctive.

Over the course of our business relationships, AEC has demonstrated exceptional client servicing skills. Their priority has always been the customer. I believe AEC would be a valuable asset to any venture.

Austin V. Stanton, Jr.Vice PresidentValenti Builders Inc.Northfield, IL

Associated Electrical Contractors, LLC recently completed a project with Tessler Construction Company to remodel an existing 400,000-square-foot facility in Bartlett for Creative Werks, one of the leading co-packing companies in Illinois that serves heavy hitters in the food industry like Nestle and Hershey.

This particular project required an extensive amount of knowledge and electrical design to add an additional 2,500-amp electrical service to the facility. Other major modifications to the facility were made as well. Creative Werks put tremendous pressure on our company to complete the project in a short timeframe and within budget. Associated Electrical Contractors took on the challenge and exceeded our expectations and our customer’s expectations with their professionalism, knowledge and skilled tradesmen. The project was completed within budget and within our customer’s schedule. Associated Electrical Contractors was a major reason the project was a success!

Ronald TesslerPresidentTessler Construction Company, Inc., Bull Valley, IL

I demand high performance, and I expect contractors working for Keno & Sons Construction to provide top-notch services. Associated Electrical Contractors has certainly made a huge impression with their knowledge and willingness to educate people on the proper way to make a project functional. Our pump station project would have been difficult to complete without their assistance. I thank them very much for grabbing the bull by the horns and not only making our pump station functional, but making sure the entire project was handled the way it really should have been. I look forward to working with AEC in the future.

Ted V. MajKeno & Sons Construction CompanyLake Bluff, IL

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